business partnerships

Our business partnerships are a way for us to serve the local businesses in Shawnee by helping providing plants that are beautiful in their space as well as caring for those plants. We know that plants bring an aesthetic design element to a space that can make it feel more welcoming, clean and modern. We also know that finding and caring for the plants that will serve as important design pieces can be overwhelming. We want to help you pick the perfect plant for not only your style but that will also thrive where you want it to be.

Our goal with our partnerships are to find plants that will be successful in your space and help you maintain them. That means we come to your space and find the best spaces for your plants and get a feel for your brand and aesthetic and move from there! We know that as a business owner it can be hard to try and add anything else to your plate, so as a subscription service we offer plant upkeep. This means we…

  • Care for you plants on a weekly basis

  • Provide new plants in the case that one of your plants dies or goes out of season

  • We can provide new and beautiful plants if you grow tired of the ones you have

We would love to help you find plants that are perfect for your indoor and outdoor spaces as well as help those plants flourish in your workplace!