our roots

We are Jesse and Callie Ingram. We both come from families who own their own small businesses. Jesse’s father and his father have owned their own businesses for decades. Callie comes from a family business that has been operating for over 50 years. For Callie, she not only saw a glimpse into entrepreneurship, but also into the beauty of the natural world as her family owns a nursery and flower shop. We were married at the nursery, in the garden among the greenhouses.

bayly avenue

We planted our small business roots in the spring of 2015 on a quaint and welcoming street named Bayly Avenue in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky. In the midst of our first year of marriage we opened a floral design company named Bayly Blooms and sold bouquets right from our porch. Bayly Avenue was a romantic and inspirational place of creativity and community. It is the foundation for our love of the entrepreneur’s spirit. Now in a new venture we are bringing the same creativity, romance and inspiration with unique and beautiful floral and plant life to your home, business and everyday life. Bayly Botanicals is the answer for us to be able to provide our community with beauty from the natural world.

Bayly is to remind each of us of the importance of life abundant wherever we plant roots in our life.