Our Plant House

Our plant house is a small curated space of rare and unique retail plants. We do our best to provide a selection of plants that you can’t find anywhere locally. We know you will love our selection of plants because we love them! Each plant has been hand picked from greenhouses across the Midwest and cared for by us.

If you come by and chat with us we will help you find the perfect plant for your space. We are passionate about educating you about the plants you find in our space. We know everyone can care for plants and help them thrive so we provide care cards and care information for each of our plants. We want you to be healthy and knowledgeable plant owners, who come back because you learn to love and care for your new bb’s!

We also offer residential design for your homes! If you own property or are selling your property we would love to help stage your property with beautiful designs! We will come out to your house or communicate digitally and help you find the perfect space for your home. Fill out our “Let’s Talk’ form and start dreaming together!